Blue Water's Project Cargo Transport from Spain to China – Heavy Lift News
15 Mar 2021

Blue Water’s Project Cargo Transport from Spain to China

Blue Water has completed two challenging shipments for a newbuild project for a good client. Our scope included road transport from factory to port of shipment in Spain, sea freight to China and road transport to the Chinese shipyard.

The 24 units – weighing 42 tonnes each and measuring more than 14 metres in length – were safely transported, and our team ensured compliance with the COVID-19 restrictions in the ports in Spain and China as well as during the entire transport process.

“Project transports are very demanding, especially with the COVID-19 impact which has elevated this activity to a whole new level. Yet, it is still exciting as we always need to think out of the box”, says Therkel Iversen, Project Manager Singapore and Blue Water’s Coordinator on the project which was executed in a close cooperation between our project offices in Esbjerg, Singapore and China.

“We enjoy working in this market as it demands close cooperation with customers, organisational qualifications, and mostly it requires the right team of experts always able to solve new challenges”, Therkel Iversen concludes.

Source Blue Water

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