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10 Feb 2023

Blue Water’s Fleet Upgrades Track Advances in Special Road Transport

Requirements to special transports become increasingly complex, and Blue Water follows. With a dedicated team, regular carriers and own trailers, Blue Water’s experts have specialised in planning and moving heavy, long, wide and self-propelled cargo in Denmark and the rest of Europe.



The team creates solutions for everything from tanks, industrial chimneys, building constructions and machinery for the industry, agricultural machines and much more. With many years of experience from the industry, Blue Water solves around 2,400 special road transports annually.



“It is in our company culture to always be up for a challenge. And that is exactly what we are in the team creating unique solutions by road transport. We experience that our customers’ cargo grows in size and weight. Naturally, this puts a demand on our equipment and trucks. For this reason, we upgrade our fleet of trailers on an ongoing basis to be at the forefront of our customers’ needs and the market”, explains Klaus Bindesbøll, Manager Individual Solutions, Blue Water.



Blue Water holds 40 special trailers – most of them with ramps and possible to extend – to solve advanced jobs. This concerns so-called standard flats, semi lowbeds and lowbed trailers. Soon, a three-axle low bed trailer and a six-axle semi lowbed trailer will become a part of the fleet.



Source Blue Water


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