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12 Apr 2018

Blue Pile 25 M Hammer installed on Test Pile

Photo top : Suzanne Neuman © 

12 April 2018

On Monday the 9th of April 2018, the 1800 tons Floating Sheerlegs of Bonn & Mees MATADOR 3 lifted the Blue Pile 25 M hammer at the Huisman facilities  and installed it on the Test pile at the Maasvlakte, West of Rotterdam and set it on a test pile.

The  coming months fine tuning and testing of this biggest pile driving hammer will be done and some time this summer an offshore test pile will be driven into the seabed. Using this new Blue Pile environmentally friendly hammer can drive piles in the seasbed and sgtay below the 150 dB Noise limit, hereby avoiding costly Noise Mittigation System.

For more information check out the earlier story HERE or type “Fistuca” in the search Window

Photo right : Monique Davis-Mulder © 

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