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9 May 2019

Blue Marlin Hijacking – Update

The following report of the Blue Marlin hijacking was released by the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

The Spanish naval vessel ‘Serviola’ , which was patrolling west of Malabo, has managed to free the crew in joint action with a Guinean frigate.

The Spanish patrol boat ‘Serviola’, in joint action with the Guinean frigate ‘Wele Nzas’, has released today the crew of the Maltese flag vessel MV ‘Blue Marlin’ after a pirate kidnapping.

The patrol vessel learned of the pirate attack yesterday afternoon, May 5, when the crew of the Maltese ship reported that it was isolated in the ship’s engine room. Shortly before, he had received information about a tugboat hijacked in the area that could have been used as a mother ship for the attack.

The ‘Serviola’, which was patrolling west of Malabo (Equatorial Guinea), set course for the area of the incident, where it arrived early today and found the Guinean frigate ‘Wele Nzas’ also at the location. The crew of the frigate has informed the Spanish patrol boat about the negotiation with the pirates and the possible release of the ‘Blue Marlin’ and has requested the combined boarding of the vessel.

A team of the ‘Serviola’, along with crew of the ‘Wele Nzas’, has boarded the ship and has been able to free the crew, without finding pirates on board.

The report concludes that the Blue Marlin vessel was sailing bound for the port of Malabo, escorted by the frigate Guinean, and that the Spanish patrol vessel has continued its mission of surveillance and maritime safety in the area.

Today, Thursday, the Blue Marlin is at anchor off the port of Malabo.

Photographs courtesy of the Spanish Ministry of Defence

Link to our original report of the hijacking Boskalis Vessel Blue Marlin Hijacked Offshore West Africa


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