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10 Nov 2022

Bladt Industries Select Cometto Self Propelled Vehicles

It is really unusual for a customer to receive vehicles from three different product series. But for Bladt Industries, each of the three fulfill specific needs.

Two new 2-axle Eco1000 units reach a maximum payload of 84.5t each and feature their integrated Powerpack Unit under the loading floor. They are the specialists for in-plant moves where there is not much space. “In this specific case at Bladt Industries, the circular seam cutters are positioned with millimeter precision at the welding point of the monopiles with the help of the Eco1000”, explains Joachim Kolb, sales manager at Cometto.


Two new 2-axle Eco1000 units


A total of 32 axle lines from the MSPE range extend Bladt Industries’ capabilities to handle the heaviest transport tasks up to payloads of over 1,400t.


Cometto MPSE self-propelled SPMT units


The self-propelled SPMT units are equipped with two driver platforms, a kit for side-by-side coupling, many options for open-compound configurations and a remote diagnostic system installed on both powerpacks. With this equipment, all transport steps in the manufacturing process of a monopile are covered, from the 3m wide pipe sections up to the complete monopile.



Last but not least, two ETL industrial transporters, with a payload of 120t each, have been delivered to the company’s Munkebo site. The main features of these 5-axle industrial transporters are the customized platform dimensions and the positioning of the driver’s cab under the loading floor. Another important option of these units from Bladt Industries is the special hydraulic coupling to couple these two vehicles back-to-back. Only in this way it becomes possible to transport 31m long sheet metal plates. These are then used to produce pipes up to 9.80m in diameter.


ETL industrial transporter


“Initially, these vehicles can be driven in combination with only one radio remote control”, declares Joachim Kolb.” But because of the long driving distances, we have installed a driver’s cab at the front of each vehicle. These are equipped with Cometto’s patented cab suspension system to provide the driver with a vibration-free and comfortable driving position when driving continuously on the long and uneven transport routes.” In this way, the driver can change the cab position to be always in front, even on routes where he cannot turn the vehicle. An additional safety feature is the reversing camera with monitor in the cabin.

Congratulations to Bladt Industries on this new equipment and thanks from Cometto for their local partner Protruck for handling this project.

Source Cometto


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