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12 Feb 2019

Blades in Bulk from China to Spain

156 rotor blades for wind turbines, with a total volume of around 142,000 cubic metres — this vast consignment has been on its way across the oceans from China to Spain since the start of January. And it’s coming on one single ship, the new deck carrier ‘Zhi Xian Zhi Xing’, under commercial management to Hamburg-based United Heavy Lift GmbH. Despite the heavy swell and strong winds at the port of Dafeng, the deck carrier was safely loaded and set sail on 8 January. It is due to reach the Spanish port of Ferrol in mid-February.

The client for this spectacular heavy load is Vestas. The company is constructing the ‘Torozos’ wind park in Spain with its V120 turbines, the first project in the European Union to use these next-generation turbines. United Heavy Lift has the ideal means of transport for this massive, challenging consignment — the MV Zhi Xian Zhi Xing deck carrier. With an impressive 6,020 square metres of loading space, there is room for more than 156 rotor blades — each of them almost 60 metres long and weighing close to 11 tonnes.

United Heavy Lift installed the ‘Octopus System’ from ABB on the ship especially for this project. It serves to measure transverse acceleration, monitoring the maximum permitted limits and suggesting alternative routes. To generate more lateral stability for the load, Vestas and United Engineering Solutions worked closely together to develop and produce custom-fit transport aids in the form of special securing clamps and coupling plates for the rotor blades. This ensures the safety of the transport operation.

Source and Photographs United Heavy Lift GmbH


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