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24 May 2024

BIGMOVE AG Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Two years ago, Olaf Beckedorf, CEO of BigMove, initiated the “BIGMOVE Day” to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and three weeks ago on 4 May, all BIGMOVE AG partners came together for the BIGMOVE Day celebration of their 20th anniversary.



Originally intended as an internal event for the employees of all BIGMOVE companies, it developed into a significant social event that emphasised the appreciation of employees. Olaf Beckedorf’s concept grew and changed into a mini trade fair involving both the suppliers to BIGMOVE and BIGMOVE employees.



Set in the Sauerland Stern Hotel in Willingen, the BIGMOVE Day offered a variety of activities for the +/-500 attendees, including funfair games and informal discussions to an extensive range of catering. In addition, matching clothing and merchandise items streng­thened the sense of unity identifying the company. Radio Hamburg presenter Charlotte Dietrich hosted the evening with humour and charm.



Equipment manufacturers and suppliers joined BIGMOVE employees making the event successful. Highlights included the presentation of awards for achievements in sustainability and demonstrations of automation technology and advanced robotics helping to increase efficiency in operations.



The BIGMOVE Day promoted dialogue between employees, management, and external service providers, leading to a better understanding of common goals and challenges, which in turn contributed to the development of more effective and sustainable business practices.



BIGMOVE understands and appreciates a focus on advanced technologies and networking within the in­dustry to meet the challenges of the market. This includes investing in digital platforms that improve collaboration and communication between the various companies in the BIGMOVE Group.



The BIGMOVE Day was an eventful day thanks to the 28 sponsors and the support of the partners.





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