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8 May 2020

BigLift Scrubbing for Clean Exhaust Gas

BigLift Barentsz was photographed last Tuesday on the North Sea coming from Odense, Denmark, sailing with her newly fitted exhaust gas cleaning system. Sister vessel BigLift Baffin will be next in Spliethoff Group’s retrofit programme and will be outfitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system this month.

These systems, also known as scrubbers, have already been in use within the Spliethoff Group since 2012. Using scrubbers not only removes the sulphur from the exhaust gasses, but also a significant amount of black carbon and particulate matter. So far, 80% of the scheduled scrubber retrofits in Spliethoff Group’s fleet has been executed.

Noteworthy in these photographs of the BigLift Barentsz, besides the white smoke, is the good view of BigLift Barentsz’ 125 x 42 metre deck, which is completely flush, without any air heads or overflow.

This modern, state of the art Heavy Transport vessel and her sister, provides to the market shipping services with the highest degree of redundancy and reliability, ensuring safe and timely realisation of any transport challenge within her capabilities.

The Spliethoff Group has made  a short animation on the scrubber technology and our considerations to choose for this technology.


Source BigLift

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