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9 Jan 2023

Bertschi Group Almost Doubles Size of North Sea Port Terminal in Terneuzen

The Swiss Bertschi Group has almost doubled the size of its North Sea Port Terminal in Terneuzen. North Sea Port consists of the Dutch ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen and the Belgian port of Gent.



The total surface area of ​​this terminal has been increased from 12,000 to 22,000 m², which provides additional space for the storage of containers. This is welcome because customer demand for interim storage and transport of containers is increasing sharply.



In the transport of chemical products – by road, water or rail – Bertschi is a leading player in Europe, with 75% of the transport by rail, 15% by inland water way barges and 10% by road.



The Swiss group has had a rail terminal in Terneuzen since 2008. It is located in the ValuePark, the 65-hectare platform for logistics, storage and other services at the Braakmanhaven.

The tracks have also been extended by 225 metres, so that longer trains can load at the terminal.



New rails have been installed to allow incoming locomotives to re-position at the other end of the train for departure.

CO₂ emissions from rail transport are 70% lower than road transport, and Bertschi decreases their CO₂ footprint even more by running all vehicles and handling equipment on biofuel.

This expansion in Bertschi Group’s rail facilities fits into North Sea Ports development strategy as a multimodal port.

Source North Sea Port




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