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11 Oct 2019

Belarus Installation by Sarens

Sarens was commissioned by Mash KhimProm to install two pipe drivers and six drying drums at the Petrikovsky Mining and Processing Plant in Belarus. In an extremely confined space, we had to first move the drying drums between buildings at small angles and finally install them to the design position. The team decided to deploy the Terex Demag CC3800-1 SSL/90m/CW225+50T/SL325T as the main crane and Grove GMK5130-2 as the auxiliary crane. CC3800-1 was the perfect choice for the operation as the crawler crane had sufficient capacity to lift the loads and was able to move on site to reach the loads from the preassembly area, given the confined space. The CC3800-1 was used with a maximum superlift ballast which helped in the installation of fully assembled drying drums. This drastically reduced the execution time.

The equipment was transported in a week from the Polish division of Sarens. The offload and assembly of the cranes took five days.

The six drying drums, weighing 100T each and measuring 22m in length and 3.2m in diameter, were transported to the installation site and lifted at an angle as the diameter of the drums was more than the distance between the two neighbouring buildings at the installation site. The crane had to rotate with the load changing the radius and SL ballast during lifting.

Project engineer, Pavel Vusik, said: “I would like to thank our experienced crane operators who performed the work at two sites with a high level of safety and quality within a short time span. Our teams will be on site until the end of the year to complete installations on the third site of the project.”

Source Sarens

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