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9 Oct 2018

BATI joins 2022 World Cup

Date 09 October 2018

BATI group Project department joins the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar by shipping stadium from Turkey.

The steel structure shipment to Qtar from Southern Turkey is going to be used to build the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. The heaviest piece of this door to port shipment weighed 48 tonnes and was 19 metres in lenght. 

The bigegst challenge was loading the materials due to the unballanced center of gravity which required spreaders to be specially produced for this unique shipment. 

Another challenge was the lach of permitted time to transport the cargo to the port due to road restrictions during the 10-day national holiday.

Either way, BATI Group succesfully finished the project by chartering a handy-size vessel.

Source XLP Projects Network 

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