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12 Jun 2024

Avantis and T.J. Giavridis team up to serve Greek shipowner market

Avantis Group, a global service provider in the maritime & offshore industries, and T.J. Giavridis Marine Services, a service provider for the shipping sector, have signed a strategic cooperation to provide enhanced support and services to Greek shipowners.

The cooperation between Avantis Group and T.J. Giavridis Marine Services underscores a shared commitment to supporting Greek shipowners in their efforts towards fleet modernisation, environmental compliance, and operational excellence.

The cooperation will strength their capabilities in repair, retrofits, and upgrades worldwide. With Avantis’ international footprint and T.J. Giavridis’ deep understanding of the Greek shipowner market, this collaboration will offer Greek shipowners access to advanced solutions and expertise including green technologies, fuel transition and asset maintenance. This will now be readily available to Greek shipowners through T.J. Giavridis.

“This cooperation represents a significant milestone for the Avantis Group as we expand our reach into the key Greek market,” said Tom David, CEO at Avantis. “We are excited to partner with T.J. Giavridis to provide tailored support and solutions to Greek shipowners, further solidifying our commitment to the maritime industry.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Avantis to bring world-class services to Greek shipowners,” said John Giavridis, Deputy Managing Director at T.J. Giavridis. “Together, we will leverage our expertise and networks to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Greek maritime sector.”

Source: Avantis

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