Autokrane Schares Removes 3 Segments of Berlin's Marggraff Bridge in a Majestic Achievement – Heavy Lift News
27 Jun 2024

Autokrane Schares Removes 3 Segments of Berlin’s Marggraff Bridge in a Majestic Achievement

In the last days of April, Autokrane Schares have removed 3 segments of the 1,500t Marggraff Bridge in Berlin in a ‘De-Construction Triathlon’. With a full closure of the Britzer Verbindungskanal, the western and middle of a total of three bridge segments were dismantled and removed.

The result is a combination of raising operations, multiple repositioning operations with pontoons and multiple repositioning operations on SPMTs leading to the final completion of the project.



Schares delivered their new Enerpac JS 250 lifting system, 2 of their double HEM 1000 head carrier system, HEM 400 beams with container connections, 24 SPMT axles with 2 PPU, 12 drop frames and one Terex AC 40-1 City for telescoping loads during set-up.


A major concern for the whole project was the overhead power line over the bridge.

Both superstructures were lifted with cassette jacks and then moved laterally to the adjacent construction site areas using pontoons and SPMTs, where they were to be crushed and then disposed of properly. At the same time, the dismantling of the old bridge abutments will begin.

One particularly challenging operation was the setting up of the lifting unit for the first segment under the existing construction.

Once the 3rd segment was removed the area became very cramped and the space for floating out on the pontoons  was limited betwwen the pipes spanning the river and the remaining bridge.

Schares would like to thank their team in Berlin expressly for their commitment, determination and skill.

These were achievements at a majestic level.





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