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18 Jun 2021

Autaa Groupe Opt for Tadano and Demag

When it comes to acquiring new powerful and cutting edge cranes, the French Autaa Group clearly has twin brands Tadano and Demag at the top of its list. Subsidiary MCM joined the Autaa Groupe in November 2019 and put a Demag® CC 3800‑1 lattice boom crawler crane into operation at the end of 2020. This  is now being followed up by two Tadano® ATF 70G-4 all terrain cranes with a 52.1-meter-long main boom and one Demag AC 55-3.

“The boom length on the big Tadano ATF 70-G4, together with the impressive specifications in the load chart, was what really ended up convincing us to get it. This delivers a level of performance that is simply unbeatable when it comes to our needs in that class,” explains Managing Director Lionel Autaa. This assessment is reinforced by the Tadano crane’s enormous versatility. Thanks to its broad range of configuration options for counterweight and boom extension, the machine can be set up in such a way that it will remain under a ten-tonne axle load limit so that it can be driven without a special permit.

The main boom length also played a crucial role in the decision to get the Demag AC 55-3: It comes in at an impressive 50 meters, which is a record for its class. “This means that the crane, with its standard equipment, can take on a lot of lifts that competitors are unable to tackle without an extension,” Lionel Autaa highlights.

Source Demag / Tadano Group


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