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29 Apr 2021

Austrian Prangl Opens Scandinavian Office in Stockholm

After years of activity in the country, Prangl is now establishing its own company in Sweden.

Based on the positive experience of recent years, Prangl is expanding its Scandinavian business. With Prangl Sverige AB in Stockholm an independent sales company is being set up in the far north. The unit there is seen not only for the Swedish market but also as a hub for neighbouring countries such as Finland, Denmark or Norway. The main focus is on the construction of wind turbines. But projects from other areas will also be gladly implemented.

Last year in June Prangl transported several mobile cranes to Sweden for work in the wind energy sector.

Prangl had already been a reliable partner for wind energy in Sweden for several years. As a result of their excellent performance, further large cranes were ordered, including a 1000 tonne and a 500 tonne telescopic crane. In addition to the two 650-tonne crawler cranes already on site, five telescopic cranes had to be transported to Sweden.

Their cranes were transported by RoRo barge in the Austrian port of Ennshafen on the Danube through the inland waterway route to the Dutch Seaport of Terneuzen. from there by seagoing RoRo ferry to the Swedish port of Sundsvall and further by road to their operational base. A journey of 17 days on water!



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