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28 Aug 2018

Video: Austal Hull 393 sees Daylight

Synchronised multiple crane operation in Western Australia Video courtesy of Austal

Date 28 August 2018

There were two roll out operations at the Austal Boat Yard in Henderson, Western Australia, recently. The first was the upper deck including the passenger area and the navigation bridge, and the second was the twin hulls each with machinery spaces  joined by the vehicle decks.

These are the two parts of Hull 393 which will later be known as Molslinjen Express 4 when it goes into operation in January 2019 across the Kattegat between Odden on the island of Sjaelland and Aarhusthe on the western mainland part of Denmark, Jylland.

We will add more details of the cranes will be added to this article as soon as possible. 

For those of you who want to know, the vessel will

  • carry 1,006 passengers
  • be 109m overall length
  • have a beam of 30.5m
  • operate with a crew of 22 ( depending on Flag regulations)
  • have a deadweight of 1,000t
  • and have a spped of 37 knots at 85% MCR with 600 tonnes DWT

source Austal Molslinjen

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