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24 Jun 2021

Audubon Companies Add Crane & Heavy Lift Services to Field Services Capabilities in the Americas

Audubon Companies, a global provider of engineering, consulting, construction, fabrication and technical services, recently announced the expansion of its field services capabilities to include a new business line, Crane & Heavy Lift Services.

The new division, operated by affiliate company Audubon Field Solutions, aims to provide safe, efficient heavy-lift solutions tailored to each client’s unique parameters and objectives through the integration of engineering, project management, construction, and technical support.

In support of this initiative, Audubon Companies also added two key positions to ensure strategic focus and further strengthen relationships with new and existing customers. These appointments will play a crucial role in supporting the company’s rapidly expanding client portfolio.

  • Brandon Caddell is appointed to the role of Director of Crane Operations. Brandon has more than 10 years of experience in supervisory, heavy equipment management, logistics, and construction. In this role, Brandon will be responsible for overseeing the crane and heavy lift operations with emphasis on continued expansion, growth, and long-term strategy.
  • Hayden Hawkins is promoted to the role of Director of Strategic Development. Hayden will be responsible for further developing the company’s national footprint.

“We are delighted to welcome Brandon and Hayden in their new roles,” said Travis Cusimano, Vice President of Construction Management, Inspection, and Crane Services at Audubon Field Solutions. “We invested heavily in equipment, process, and people to help our clients achieve their objectives through safe, quality, and reliable heavy lifting and crane services. The collective expertise and experience of the entire team will bring added value to operations.”

“This expansion of services clearly supports our growth and diversification strategies,” said David Robison, President of Audubon Field Solutions. “We look forward to leveraging our track record of safe and professional project execution in this service line, meeting our clients’ needs for integrated field services in the wind and other renewable energy, power generation and transmission, civil construction, telecommunication, and traditional energy markets.”

Available for North and South American projects and operations, the new crane and heavy lift division allows Audubon Companies to continue helping clients meet the evolving needs of their market, industry, and stakeholders with ensured safety and repeatable success.

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