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13 Jun 2022

ASTRA Bridge Officially Commissioned

The start of a new era in roadway maintenance was officially marked at the ceremonial commissioning of the ASTRA Bridge which allows traffic to flow without interruption while work proceeds underneath.

The complete bridge unit was collected at the storage location in Rothrist in Switzerland. The site is located within the Wiggertal motorway interchange and is therefore strategically located for quick access to future motorway roadworks.

The ASTRA Bridge is built by a consortium of the Oftringer company SENN AG together with Marti Technik AG in Moosseedorf.

The bridge was assembled in two convoys as the press and experts met. The first unit consisted of the complete ramp portals for the entrance and exit as well as a straight portal. The second group consisted of eleven straight portals and was used to programme and then test the satellite navigation.



During the celebration, the guests had the opportunity to drive across the bridge with their own cars. Afterwards a test was performed with a heavy load combination provided by Senn AG’s Faymonville CombiMAX 2+4 with excavator deck. This demonstrated that the gradients and transition radii of the mobile bridge had been carefully selected so that even such a long and extremely low vehicle can drive over it without any problems.



The complete ASTRA bridge was used for the first time in early April. Senn cooperated here once again by providing a Faymonville CombiMAX combination for the transport of the Cometto ramp portal with the drive-on tongue.

The bridge itself consists of a drive-on ramp, 18 portals, 19 intermediate sections and departure ramp. For this imposing structure, Cometto has supplied 22 power packs, 22 valve packs, 2 control cabins, 72 MSPE bogies for the gantries, 8 SPMT bogies for the ramps, 16 ModulMAX SP-E bogies for the ramps and the satellite navigation system for the complete bridge.


Source Faymonville / Cometto


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