Another Successful and Safe Salvage Operation Completed – Heavy Lift News
5 Apr 2024

Another Successful and Safe Salvage Operation Completed

Another successful and safe salvage operation completed.

The fishing vessel MFV FREM W sank last week after being holed on its berth on the River Tyne.

The vessel’s insurers requested that Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd attend on the quay with a view to recovering the vessel.

Divers surveyed the submerged vessel the next day to formulate a salvage plan. It became clear very quickly that this would be a complicated process as the vessel had rolled over to port and had partially come to rest under the recently refurbished quay.

It was unsafe for the dive team to work on the port side to attach lift bags or slings and the new quay was unable to take a crane of significant size so Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd had to call in the ‘big guns’ to lift it from a nearby road.

After planning the logistics and necessary permissions the salvage team mobilised on Wednesday morning, consisting of:

  • 500t mobile crane,
  • 3 support and equipment hgv’s,
  • abnormal load escorts,
  • 15 members of the dive and salvage team

The operation started with setting up the crane, diving on the vessel and lifting inch by inch, then re-rigging many times to draw the vessel away from under the quay so divers could sling it correctly for a lift.

After 14 hours the team successfully brought the vessel up, pumped her out and lifted it ashore late in the night.

Huge thanks to all involved. Another great operation with collaboration between Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd., Dagger Diving contractors, Ritchie and his team from 24/7 cranes. Thanks also to the North Shields Fish Quay Master and Port of Tyne Harbour Master for their support and accommodating approach to the ever-changing plans.

Finally, apologies and thanks to the local residents for their patience while the team brought the area to a standstill manoeuvring everything into place and working late into the night to de-rig and clear site.

HeavyLiftNews thanks Russ Heron, Managing Director of Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd. and all concerned for a great piece of news.