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27 Jan 2023

Another Liebherr LR 11000 for the MAXIKraft Fleet.

The MAXIKraft Group has boosted its fleet by another giant. At Liebherr’s Mobile & Crawler Crane Division headquarters in Ehingen another mega LR 11000 crawler crane has been built for the MAXIKraft Group.

The 1000t crane has been in use for several months and is mainly used for the construction of new, even higher wind turbines and for infrastructure projects. It is itself a real heavyweight, the self-propelled steel colossus alone weighs 600t, plus 90t of central ballast, 210t of turntable ballast and 450t of flexible derrick ballast.

As a result, the crane really gains in load capacity and increases its working radius. With a main mast of 162m and a fixed top of 39m, it has a impressive hook height of 200m. It is therefore also suitable for the latest wind turbine models, which are being constructed higher and higher.

“In this configuration,” says Liebherr Sales Manager Florian Ritzler, “the LR 11000 is the largest crawler crane currently used in wind power in Europe.”

All photographs courtesy of Liebherr

Source MaxiKraft Group

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