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12 Sep 2018

New Offshore Access System by Lift2Work

Date 12 September 2018

Lift2Work focuses on companies that are active in the offshore energy sector and offers the Offshore Passenger Transfer System (OPTS) unit. This multifunctional solution for transporting people and materials is safer, faster, more efficient and cheaper than all current alternatives in the market.

The OPTS unit offers the possibility to simultaneously lift people and materials and move them to and from an offshore object.

LIFT2WORK offers a new way of offshore access by lifting to work. Lifting passenger or lifting load till 24 meter above deck or – 6 meters under the deck line, all with one piece of equipment called the: “OPTS” Offshore Passenger Transfer System.

A fully hydraulically compensated system to ensure safe transfer.

The OPTS has a list of advantages compared to all other systems available in the market and has the following features; The OPTS is UNIQUE.

1. Deck space and connection 8” x 8 foot. Transportable in ONE 40”x 8” HQ
2. Weight app 15 ton and in reduced execution 12 tons
3. Low Energy ( reduction of CO2) consumption max power 2x 75 Kw.
4. Reach horizontal 24 meters and 20 meters above deck.
5. Lifting capacity in compensated mode 2 tons
6. Rescue operations till -6 meters below deck level
7. Transfer passengers for pilotage
8. Significant reduction of day rate
9. Easy mobilization and demobilization
10. Easy to operate after one day of training
11. ”24/7 FULL SERVICE SUPPORT“ and online logging and registration
12. Fully DNV-GL certified ST 358 and ST 378

The website introduces the way of access, LIFT2WORK can provide and support the offshore industry in general. Especially the Renewable market as the Wind Energy market is looking for cost saving solutions and new ways to support the challenging opportunities at sea.



LIFT2WORK contributes to operational excellence and cost saving in e.g. design, engineering, producing, construction, service providing and project management by Dutch technics and Dutch suppliers.

source Lift2work

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