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21 Jan 2021

ALS Ship Wind Turbine from Germany to Ireland

The ALS team in Hamburg, Germany were part of a successful project to transport a second hand E53 Enercon wind turbine from Germany to Ireland, whilst adhering to strict Covid – 19 regulations, travel restrictions and quarantine rules.

For this particular project ALS arranged for the smaller wind turbine components to be trans-shipped straight onto MAFI’s for shipment to Ireland and then onward carriage to final destination.

The larger components were trans-shipped directly onto Irish trailers, as the dimensions exceeded the size that the MAFI Trailers could accommodate.

Even in these challenging times of a pandemic with no drivers allowed on the shipping service, the drivers, equipped with up-to-date COVID-19 tests, flew out to meet their own equipment back at the Dutch port to oversee the trans-shipping and securing proceedings, ensuring the safety of all involved. Whilst the trucks and trailers sailed, the drivers returned to Ireland via plane, adhering to all required quarantine rules and regulations in the process.

Various components measuring up to 26 metres in length, 4.50 metres in width, 4.30 metres in height and weighing up to 46 Tonnes each were securely handled and transported to their end destination for re-assembly.


Source ALS


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