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1 Nov 2019

ALS Returns Tunnel Boring Machine to Germany

The ALS tunnelling operations team in Hull, UK were awarded a project to move a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and it’s accessories from Bleddfa in Wales back to Germany.

The TBM had completed the Knighton tunnel one of three created by Severn Trent, allowing it to divert water away from the Victorian Elan Valley Aqueduct so repairs could be carried out.

ALS arranged the removal of the TBM Sections and offloaded them into temporary storage while permit applications were approved for the route back to Germany.

Removal from the site in Wales was completed in 7 days to coincide with the clients fixed schedule for completion of the project.


Part Dimensions

1 x Shield –                       L:5.00m x W:3.70m x H:3.80m,           Weight 77000kg

1 x Thrust Unit –             L:6.50m x W:3.70m x H:3.90m,           Weight 55000kg

1 x Screw Conveyor –     L:13.30m. x W:1.00m. x H:0.90m,       Weight: 12000kg

11 x Gantry Sections –   L:10.00m. x W:2.50m. x H:3.00m,       Weight: 15000kg each

Scope of Work:

  • Removal of Tunnelling Equipment
  • Offload & Reload of Shield & Thrust Unit
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Surveys
  • Permits & Escort Vehicles

Photographs and Drone footage on site – with thanks to Jason Priest

Source ALS


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