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16 Dec 2022

Allseas’ Solitaire in Gulf of Mexico Laying Pipe

Solitaire is back doing what she does best! Busy laying export pipelines and structures for a new field development in the southern Gulf of Mexico: construction of 240km of pipelines in water depths up to 2700m. Production rates have topped 7km a day on the project. In total, crew will weld 20,500 pipe joints.



Solitaire is one of the largest, most sophisticated pipelay vessels in the world. She consistently sets new standards in pipelay capability and holds just about every record for heavy, deepwater pipelines. Solitaire’s firing line – where the pipeline is built– spans the length of two soccer fields. And now, she looks better than ever after a lengthy timeout for maintenance and modifications.



“When it comes to the installation of deep and ultra-deepwater pipelines and structures in the Gulf of Mexico, Allseas’ track record is second to none!” says Houston-based Project Manager Frank Kluwen.

Allseas first laid pipe in the Gulf of Mexico in 1995. A quarter of all pipelines installed by Allseas are in the Gulf of Mexico.


Source Allseas

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