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8 Nov 2021

Allseas’ Polymetallic Nodule Production Vessel is the Hidden Gem

All systems go on board Hidden Gem  as Allseas intensify efforts to covert the former 228m drill ship into their first polymetallic nodule production vessel.

Out of dry dock and dressed in Allseas colours, Hidden Gem  is now undergoing key modifications in Rotterdam. Works include installation of the vessel’s launch and recovery (LARS) system. Their engineers have designed the system to safely deploy and control the 12m nodule collector vehicle as it moves across the seabed 5 km below the surface.

Allseas has made a name for itself in the offshore energy industry by developing systems and equipment for operation at record depths in challenging conditions. To meet the market’s ever changing needs, they constantly push the boundaries of what is possible.

Drawing on their deep-water expertise and innovative capability, they have designed a LARS for efficient, high performance operation in the world’s deepest and remotest environment. Fitted with a mix of winches and compensators, and housing the control umbilical, the system plays a critical role during offshore operations.

Lying on the deep-ocean floor, polymetallic nodules are rich in critical metals required for energy storage and renewables technologies. Deep-sea nodule collection represents a new frontier and a new exciting chapter in Allseas’ history.




Source Allseas

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