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11 Feb 2020

Alleys Group’s New »Faktor« 5.5 Passes Initiation Test

To ensure that the power generated by the 950 MW Moray East wind farm, which is currently under construction off the Scottish coast, can be delivered to consumers as 230 V electricity in 2022, an onshore substation with three transformers is currently being built inland at New Deer. The transport professionals of the British Allelys Group, commissioned by project freight forwarder deugro, delivered the first of these over 260 ton and almost twelve meter long transformers to the construction site on 27 October 2019 – using the new »FAKTOR« 5.5 girder bridge trailer unveiled by Goldhofer at the Bauma trade show. One of the advantages of this girder bridge is that it can be quickly and easily converted into a vessel bridge.

The 56-kilometer route from the port of Peterhead to New Deer, with its many hills, bends and bridges, presented a whole number of challenges, which were minimized with the help of Allelys’ recently acquired »FAKTOR« 5.5 high girder bridge trailer used as a vessel bridge. The trailer is a flexible solution for loading and moving voluminous cargoes up to six meters wide and 17 meters long weighing up to 350 tons. That is 5.5x deadweight. Thanks to the flexible vehicle configuration options, with 20 (2×10) to 32 (2×16) axles, it can be used for a wide range of transport operations.

Right at the beginning of the journey it became clear that the »FAKTOR« 5.5 high girder bridge was a good choice. After the exit from the port in Peterhead, the route began with a right-left combination and a short steep climb – a situation that also demands a high level of concentration from drivers of conventional truck trailers. Thanks to meticulous planning and preparations beforehand and the greatest care and attention on the road, the 70-meter-long convoy – complete with police escort – overcame this obstacle without a hitch as well as the following 90-degree bends, roundabouts and bridge barriers. “It proved a big advantage to be able to use the Goldhofer vessel bridge in a short configuration of ten axles at the front and ten at the rear. That makes us much more maneuverable and above all more economical,” says company owner David Allely.

The transport specialists also took the bridges to be crossed and the hilly sections of the route in their stride. With its 1600 mm vertical lifting stroke and levelling system, the »Faktor« 5.5 could be raised to pass over bridge parapets and levelled to compensate lateral lean on the narrow winding sections of the route. David Allely: “Once again, Goldhofer has developed a perfect piece of practical equipment precisely tailored to our needs.”Andreas Menzel, Corporate Global Key Account Manager at deugro group, adds: “The Goldhofer »Faktor« 5.5 was certainly decisive for our choice of Allelys Group for this challenging transport operation.”

Allelys Group is one of the largest and most successful transport and heavy haulage specialists in the UK. For more than 20 years the British transport experts have placed their trust in heavy-duty equipment supplied by Goldhofer. “We purchased our first THP/LT 12-axle modular trailer in 1996 and since then have added various Goldhofer vehicles to our fleet,” says David Allely. The versatile modules and special equipment are a driving force behind the entrepreneurial dynamism of Allelys Group, which today is not only one of the market leaders in the UK but also handles demanding transport projects throughout Europe.

Source Goldhofer


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