Allelys Transport Transformer and Generator from Buckie Harbour to Rothienorman Substation in Scotland – Heavy Lift News
24 Nov 2023

Allelys Transport Transformer and Generator from Buckie Harbour to Rothienorman Substation in Scotland

Allelys have successfully completed the transport and installation of two units from Buckie Harbour to Rothienorman Substation.

Due to the complex nature of the route into site, Allelys began route enabling works in early 2022. With route surveys, swept path analysis and topographical surveys carried out, a detailed route proposal was designed. The route required vegetation removal, as well as the temporary removal of street furniture and fencing. More substantially, it also required an extension to the width of one of the roads and a 17.5m overbridging operation across Gardensmill Bridge to enable the transit of the transport arrangement.



The discharge of the cargo from the vessel also required engineering works due to the limited space available. Without the necessary space to position the crane and girder frame at the same time, a solution was designed to mobilise half of the girder frame and push the trailer to the end of the pier. The LG1550 was then rigged in front of the trailer to lift the 352t generator and position it onto bog mats, also in front of the trailer. The 158t transformer was then lifted onto 12 axle lines of SPMT and transported to temporary storage. The LG1550 was then derigged to allow space for the second half of the girder frame to be moved into position.



The generator, transported along the route using a 28 axle girder frame configuration, measured:

  • Length   13m
  • Width      4.1m
  • Height     4.3m

The transformer, transported on a 16 axle girder frame, measured:

  • Length    8.5m
  • Width      3.4m
  • Height     4.5m

Both units were transhipped to SPMT on site to allow for the limited space within the substation. A hydraulic gantry system was then utilised to install the generator, whilst a jacking and skidding operation was performed to install the transformer.



“All of our heavy lift projects are engineered in-house and we enjoy projects that test us. We have significant knowledge and experience within the team and this enables us to tackle complex projects such as this one. The access into the Rothernorman Substation site was particularly challenging and required the input from the engineering team alongside our route survey and route planning specialists.” explained Anthony Callachan, Head of Heavy Lift and Specialist Transport at Allelys.

“We also experienced severe weather conditions during the transportation of the generator and the road, which had a steep incline, was holding too much water and impacting on the traction of the equipment. Therefore, we made the decision to move to our contingency plan of stopping within the road closure and mobilising two extra trucks to provide the necessary traction.”



This project not only demonstrated the knowledge and experience within the Allelys business, but also the ability to adapt to severe weather conditions to ensure a successful delivery for our client.





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