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20 Nov 2023

Allelys’ Transport Solution in Slough Multifuel Extension Project

Allelys played a pivotal role in the Slough Multifuel Extension project and were awarded with seven separate scopes of work.

Two of the scopes of work were awarded by the same client and required Allelys to receive and deliver 10 pieces from Felixstowe to Slough and 5 pieces from Tilbury to Slough, whilst taking full responsibility for project management. The pieces, ranging in weights from just under 1t to 39.5t, included components such as a gate drive unit, feed hopper and filter chambers.

The first components arrived into Felixstowe on two individual vessels, with 5 pieces of project cargo on each. The geared vessel lifted the units onto Allelys trailers ready to be transported.

The cargo was transported from Felixstowe to Reading Services’ abnormal load bay and then continued to site in Slough. The components were transported in two separate moves per day, on two consecutive days.

The second components, including a pressure water tank, two semidry reactors and two raw gas ducks, arrived into Tilbury and were transported to site using vessel bridge and wafer deck trailers.

“This project included tight time constraints that needed to be overcome within the planning phase. The site required the delivery of the loads within dedicated time slots early in the day, however local embargoes meant that we couldn’t move through the local area before 10am. Therefore, a plan was devised to drive to Reading and then hold the cargo in the abnormal load bay until the time embargoes had passed. Then the final leg of the journey could be completed in time to arrive in the allocated time slot.” Explained Simon Davies, Project Manager at Allelys.

Together these projects demonstrate Allelys ability to devise bespoke transport configurations to deliver a diverse volume of cargo.







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