Allelys complete complex transport and installation of abnormal loads from Newport Docks to Hirwaun Power Station – Heavy Lift News
3 Jul 2024

Allelys complete complex transport and installation of abnormal loads from Newport Docks to Hirwaun Power Station

Allelys have successfully completed a complex transport and installation project which saw the delivery of a 309.5te turbine, 326.1te generator and 221.8te transformer from Newport Docks to Hirwaun Power Station.

Due to the extent of the route enabling works required, Allelys began the initial phase of the project in June 2022. After completing numerous site visits, a route study, swept path analysis, over 80 structural bridge assessments, tree trimming and street furniture assessments, a suitable route to site was identified.

This route saw the cargo arriving into Newport Docks, travelling north and then west towards site. However, due to construction works on the A465, the River Taff bridge was downrated prior to transport. Allelys reacted diligently and engineered a 17.5m long overbridging solution to spread the weight of the load and enable the transport arrangement to cross this section successfully.

The turbine, generator and transformer were transported along the first section of the route using a 28 axle girder frame configuration. The components were then individually transhipped onto a 17 axle flat top trailer using a 400te hydraulic lifting system. This enabled the smaller transport arrangement to successfully negotiate the limited space and steep gradient of the second section of the route. The whole route was travelled under police escort, with traffic management and rolling road blocks in place.

Upon arrival into site, all three units completed a second transhipment operation, this time onto SPMT to allow for the limited space within the power station. A hydraulic gantry system was then utilised to install the turbine and generator whilst a jacking operation was performed to install the transformer.

“We have significant knowledge and experience within the team and this enables us to tackle complex projects such as this one. The route from Newport Docks to Hirwaun Power Station was particularly challenging and required the input from the engineering team alongside our route survey and route planning specialists,” Explained Shahid Islam, Project Manager at Allelys.

“Allelys pride ourselves on inheriting our clients’ problems and providing a cost effective, workable solution. Throughout this complex undertaking, given the limited space available and the steep gradient, we designed the perfect strategy. A solution that ensured both the weight and stability were expertly managed.” Source/Images: Allelys


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