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26 Jan 2023

Alexander Global Logistics’ Multi Modal Transport Shipment from Germany to Turkey

The projects team at Alexander Global Logistics has been busy and is delighted to share one of their latest projects.



AGL recently transported cargo for an energy plant to Turkey with the help of the oversized and heavy road transportation partner Bohnet.



The cargo consisted of:

  • 1 x Gearbox
    • measuring 8.25m x 335m x 2.70m
    • weighing 128t
  • 2 x Stator each
    • each measuring 5.70m x 5.08m x 3.99m
    • weighing 76.5t each
  • 2 x Rotor
    • each measuring 7.73m x 5.71m x 3.95 m
    • weighing 117 each
  • 4 x Coolers
    • each measuring 3.90m x 2.75m x 2.21m
    • weighing 3.8 tons each





The start of the project wasn’t as smooth as expected since the barge at Haldensleben was not possible due to construction. After about six weeks a new route was decided and the cargo was picked up from Dresden and transported via Barge to Antwerp. In Antwerp it was reloaded on to a vessel to Aliağa, Izmir. The scope of work undertaken during this transfer included the following:

  • Road transport in Germany
  • Port handling at the barge port and in Antwerp
  • Barge transportation
  • Ocean freight to Turkey





Once again, the AGL projects team has demonstrated that they are the right partner when it comes to projects in Germany.



Source Alexander Global Logistics


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