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21 Aug 2018

ALE Weighs and Jacks IRP-1 in Russia

Weighing and jacking of the IRP-1 topside, Russia. Photographs – ALE

Date 21 August 2018

The Mega Jack was utilised for this project because of its high capacity and ability to accommodate for the lack of space on worksites.

As there was limited yard space available, ALE was limited with how much equipment they could have on site and needed to work closely with the client to communicate container sequence and possible storage areas around the topside.

The client built the topside 3.6m high and ALE installed the Mega Jack in a configuration of four 5m x 2.5m towers, underneath the topside.

The weighing operation was performed on the Mega Jack’s cylinders three times with a maximum deviation of 413 kN (42t) recorded. The topside weighed a total of 6,195t.

ALE then jacked-up the complete topside in layers to 12m in just over four hours. The deck support frame (DSF) for the load-out was then installed with just 8.39m clearance.

The topside was finally lowered onto the DSF, ready for the next phase involving the load-out. ALE’s Mega Jack system was loaded into containers and demobilised quickly from site to avoid any site disruptions.

Source ALE

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