ALE Showcases Complete Scope of Wind Farm Logistics and Installation – Heavy Lift News
2 Apr 2019

ALE Showcases Complete Scope of Wind Farm Logistics and Installation

ALE has showcased its full wind service expertise when executing the heavy transport and installation operations for the Willogoleche Wind Farm in South Australia.

ALE was contracted for the complete scope of work, including the receiving, port handling, transportation, crane lifting and electromechanical installation of 32 wind turbine generators.

The components started to arrive and were offloaded at the Port of Adelaide, then put into storage. ALE is responsible for project managing and delivering these to the wind farm site on Willogoleche Hill, 160km north of Adelaide.

ALE has invested in specialist wind equipment, including blade and low bed trailers suited to carry these wind components. Their highly trained and experienced installation team will perform the mechanical and electrical works.

Paul Kelly, Director – Australia, said: “Our dedicated ALE-Wind Services division has been deployed which will work alongside our local teams to complete this specialised scope of work. From port handling and heavy transport to the complex installation activities, we have the knowledge and equipment to manage the whole package for the client. The successful execution and safe teamwork really demonstrates our capabilities in the wind market.”

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