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15 Nov 2018

ALE – Green Initiative

ALE have demonstrated their Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Date 15 November 2018

ALE has grown its green initiatives after taking more proactive measures to improve their environmental impact.

The company is proud to be certified to ISO 14001 and has many initiatives active to support local communities.  Where possible, investment through reduction, reusing and recycling, as well as supporting the marine industry with used tyres, ensures less waste ends up in landfill sites.

ALE engages actively with its supply chain, ensuring our suppliers take their environmental considerations as seriously as ALE.  ALE encourages the life cycle approach through our suppliers to ensure the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly products are purchased and invest in local businesses to reduce the impact of transportation.

“Where possible, we track transport supplier carbon footprint, with energy efficiency forming a key element of our supplier assessment methodology, to retain the most environmentally-efficient suppliers,” explained Group HSQE Manager, Gary Hewitt.

Developing and updating equipment that minimises ALE’s carbon footprint has become an important aspect of enabling the company to be more environmentally-friendly, passing on those cost-saving measures through reduced maintenance and increased reliability. For example, one of the most recent upgrades was in the Netherlands, where the branch updated one of their trucks to a Mercedes-Benz Arocs. It will not only consume tangibly less fuel – but also live considerably longer and be more efficient.

Utilisation of maintenance practices to ensure reliability of equipment, reducing environmental spills and leaks, is a leading factor in ALE’s conservation initiatives.  Maintenance yards are set up to protect the local fauna and flora with oil water separators installed, preventing waste oil and products entering local water streams and protecting local communities. This also has the added benefit of the oil being sent away and treated, via licensed facilities, to be reused.

“Increased serviceability of ALE’s assets reduces the likelihood of onsite breakdowns or environmental spillages and increases consumer confidence in the reliability and serviceability of ALE’s plant and equipment,” he continues.

ALE’s Research and Development department in Breda has a strong history of producing innovative and award-winning equipment. Throughout the design process, environmental and maintenance considerations are always paramount. For example, energy efficient control systems and utilisation in modern technologies are used to reduce the number of moving parts, thus reducing maintenance requirements.

“ALE takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. As part of our core business structure, we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and any concerns to take collective responsibility and strive to share and implement best practice. We also run training and educational programmes internally across the Group to optimise environmental awareness efficiency and compliance,” Gary continued.

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