ALE Bridge the A63 in Hull – Heavy Lift News
3 Jan 2020

ALE Bridge the A63 in Hull

Near to the centre of Hull, UK, a section of the A63 road is used by over 40,000 vehicles a day. Delays can cause problems for both road users and businesses. The A63 Castle Street improvement scheme was developed with the aim to reduce congestion and increase safety for pedestrians in the area.

As part of the scheme’s first phase, a new bridge installation with a curved steel canopy was planned to improve crossing facilities, which would be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users. This Highways England project would support the local economy by providing better links between the city centre and the marina.

ALE was approached by the bridge fabricator, SH Structures, to assist in finding a more cost and time-effective solution for the bridge installation, after the extent of travel disruption involved in closing the A63 for a crane lift became apparent. The team’s expertise enabled them to complete the Princes Quay Bridge installation 15 hours ahead of schedule.

The bridge, weighing 150t, had been constructed near to the installation location by SH Structures, on behalf of the project’s main contractor, Interserve. ALE loaded the 60m-long bridge onto SPMTs, jacking it up by 1m, before transporting it 200m along the A63.

To clear the support pillars, the bridge was then jacked-up by a further 500mm and driven between the north piers. This enabled the rear SPMT to be positioned between the south piers and the bridge was then offloaded using a combination of the jacks and SPMTs.

ALE utilised 16 axle lines of SPMT in 2 x 4 file 4 configuration with support frames and climbing jacks.

Partly funded by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, the visually-impressive Princes Quay Bridge will provide improved strategic access and its design ensures it will be a landmark piece of architecture for the city of Hull. The bridge will have sheltered viewing balconies at each end, proving people with a space to enjoy the views of the city and waterfront.

Source ALE


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