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2 Dec 2019

Al Faris Heavy Lift Project with Enerpac Gantry

Leading Middle Eastern heavy lifting company, Al Faris Group, has used an Enerpac SBL900 hydraulic gantry for offloading over-sized oil refinery equipment during transportation from Jafza Port, Dubai to storage at Dubai World Centre, UAE.

As part of an oil refinery project, Al Faris was contracted to provide the complete logistics from loading to transportation. This involved 12 axle heavy transport vehicles as well as self-propelled modular transporters (PST/SL-E trailers) and finally offloading with the Enerpac SBL900 gantry. The refinery column’s three sections were up to 10.4m in height, 30m in length and 9.5m in width and weighed up to 315 tonne.

For the offloading process, one of the challenges was the confined space Al Faris had to work in along with the tight timescale and lifting precision needed. Another challenge was the need to engineer a customised platform using steel mats to reach the required lifting height for the gantry. “The Enerpac SBL900 gantry system was the perfect fit for this job, allowing us to get the work done with utmost efficiency,” said an Al Faris spokesperson.

The Enerpac SBL900 folding boom, telescopic, hydraulic gantry, is equipped with two stage lifting cylinders, enabling lifts up to 11.3 m and can handle loads up to 604 tonnes at the top of the second stage.

The SBL900 gantry’s lifting features include an octagonal boom providing added strength for increased capacity and lifting height, and mechanical locking permitting load holding for extended periods of time. In addition, self-propelled tank rollers provide synchronised travel in a smooth continuous manner while ensuring optimum load distribution. The gantry’s foldable boom enables easy transport and setup. Self-contained hydraulics allow easier setup and eliminate trip hazards associated with hydraulic hoses.

The SBL 900 gantry’s control system allows users to operate the lift locally at each leg or use the Intellilift remote control. The wireless system ensures continuous control and monitoring of lifting and travel operations while providing complete visibility of the load.

Source Agenda PR for Enerpac


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