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4 Dec 2018

Aircraft Doors – Expected to Grow on the Backdrop of Increasing Aircraft Production

Aircraft doors are one among the many critical components of any aircraft. Apart from access control and management into various compartments of aircraft, these doors are designed with utmost precision to ensure safety and maintain required internal pressure of the aircraft. As an aircraft travels across various altitudes, temperature and adverse climatic conditions, it becomes key priority for the aircraft door manufacturers and designers that it withstands working environment with reliability and extended period of service life.

There are various types of aircraft doors that are used for different purposes such as passenger doors for entry, exit and emergency evacuation; cargo doors for luggage, internal cabin doors etc. These doors can be operated manually or automatically by use of hydraulics. The passenger door is usually located at the forward left side of the fuselage and is the main entrance and exit to the cabin area. 

Aircraft Doors Market is expected to grow on the backdrop of increasing aircraft production, deliveries and refurbishing activities across the globe. Increase in number of aircraft passengers and developing infrastructure supporting air travel are expected to latently support growth of aircraft doors market. 

Aircraft Doors Market: Dynamics

The primary factor driving the growth of aircraft doors market is increase in demand for air travel leading to an increase in commercial aircraft. Growing demand for aircraft from emerging economies such as India, for commercial or business purpose is another factor that boosting the demand and production of aircraft. Therefore, the growth of aircraft production is anticipated to contribute the growth of Aircraft Doors Market from the global perspective. Moreover, the production of very large aircraft is also increasing owing to increase in demand for these aircraft for long duration flights. In 2016, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) declared that global passenger traffic is increased this year as revenue passenger kilometers or RPKs rose to 6.3% compared to 2015 and the industry is expected to see this trend continue, which in turn is forecasted to fuel growth of the Aircraft Doors Market.

The aircraft doors market is also dependent on the number of orders placed by the airline carriers for aircrafts. High number of orders can strain the productivity of aircraft OEMs resulting in backlogs which can disrupt the overall dynamics of the market. Similarly, highly skilled personnel are required in order to install the hydraulic gates which can act as a roadblock to the growth of the aircraft door market in the forecast period.

Aircraft Doors Market: Segmentation

The global Aircraft Doors Market can be segmented on the basis of aircraft type, door type, operation and sales channel

On the basis of aircraft type, the global aircraft doors market can be segmented as:

Narrow body aircraft

Wide body aircraft

Very large body aircraft

Regional aircraft

On the basis of door type, the global aircraft doors market can be segmented as:

Passenger doors

Cargo doors

Emergency doors

Access & Escape doors

Landing gear doors

Baggage & Service doors

On the basis of operation, the global aircraft doors market can be segmented as:

Mechanical Hydraulic

On the basis of sales channel, the global aircraft doors market can be segmented as:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Aftermarket