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12 Jun 2018

Airbus tests BelugaXL ahead of first flights

9 June 2018

Aeronautic manufacturer Airbus has completed ground vibration testing for the BelugaXL, the world’s largest cargo aircraft.

The first BelugaXL is now in its heavy ground test phase, in preparation for its upcoming maiden flight. A series of 72 development and certification ground tests will now be performed before the BelugaXL’s high-profile first flight later this summer.

“With more than 48 tests already completed, we are on time … The big challenge was to be able to anticipate or modify the test scheduling so as not to impact final assembly,” said Mathieu Laemle, Airbus test project leader.

The outsized cargo airlifter is based on the Airbus A330-200 jetliner and is expected to replace the existing five-member Beluga ST fleet from mid-2019.

Photo: The Airbus BelugaXL super transporter. Credit: Airbus


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