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20 Aug 2020

Ainscough Crane Hire Assisting with Network Rail’s Track Safety Improvements

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Lancaster depot has worked with leading infrastructure and civil engineering firm Story Contracting to improve the safety of a railway line in Rotherham on behalf of its client Network Rail.

Story Contracting appointed Ainscough Crane Hire to help deliver work to strengthen an existing culvert in Rotherham on the TJC3 line. The work involved using a 450t crane to remove the train tracks before installing new beams for bridging over the existing culvert and then reinstating the train tracks.

The work forms part of Control Period 6 (CP6) – Network Rail’s five-year programme during which it plans to spend £35bn making Britain’s railways more reliable.

On behalf of Network Rail, Story Contracting delivers framework contracts for geotechnical work on the LNE (London North Eastern) route stretching from London to Scotland, and structures and property works on the South of the LNW (London North Western) route which is home to the West Coast Mainline – the busiest mixed-use railway in Europe which supports the major British cities outside of London.

The work took three twelve-hour shifts to complete as part of a total of 54 hours possession of the TJC3 line. Ainscough’s lift was planned by appointed person Ross Chappell, and the team for the first and third shift was comprised of Gareth Jones (operator) James Anderson-Laird (supervisor) and slingers Mark Middleton and Kyle Nelson. The second shift’s team was Daniel Perkins (crane operator), Andrew Jackson (lift supervisor) and slingers Tom Field and John Taylor.

Steven Armstrong, area sales manager at Ainscough Crane Hire said: “Story Contracting is delivering vital work on behalf of Network Rail ensuring that railway lines across the country are better placed to allow safer and more efficient travel, and it was a great experience working with their team on this project in Rotherham.

“Working within quite a tight environment, our team was able to deliver the work required within the three separate shifts. The new, strengthened underbridge looks great and is a valuable addition to Story’s work across the country’s railway lines.”

Source Ainscough Crane Hire

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