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31 May 2023

Ahola to Start Tests with VAK eTrailer Semi Trailer

Ahola Transport, based in Kokkola, Finland, has another step towards greener logistics by becoming the first company to test and pilot the VAK eTrailer semi-trailer.

The concept of an electric assistive axle was conceived by Ahola Transport at the end of 2020. The research project involved close collaboration between Ahola, Finnish trailer builder VAK and other organizations.   In Q4 2021 VAK started research and testing of the electronic auxiliary axle that captures the trailer’s braking energy.

The VAK eTrailer was publicly unveiled for the first time at the Kuljetus 2023 transport fair in Jyväskylä this week. Following the fair, the pilot trailer will be taken into operative use by Ahola Transport, starting during June this year, enabling the assessment of the eTrailer’s performance and potential benefits.

The VAK eTrailer is a system that consists of an electrically powered energy-harvesting trailing axle, a battery pack, a temperature control and control system. The system is installed in the trailer, in the optimal place in terms of weight distribution. The energy recovered from rolling and braking can be used for starting, accelerating and going up hills. The ultimate goal is to save fuel and reduce emissions.


VAK CEO Ilpo Korhonen (on the left) and Ahola Transport CEO Åke Nyblom


The research project involved several partners, including Ahola Transport (providing driving data), SAF-Holland (E-axis), Valmet Automotive EV Power Oy (battery modules), EPEC (power electronics and control systems), Turku University of Applied Sciences (engine laboratory), Scania (test drives), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (research institute), and Traficom (legislation). The research project received support from Business Finland. 

Åke Nyblom, the Managing Director of Ahola Transport, expresses his excitement about this groundbreaking development, stating, “We are happy to say that this is another step towards greener logistics, where every component is crucial to the end result.” The decision to embrace the eTrailer aligns with Ahola Transport’s commitment to sustainable transportation. 

Source Ahola Transport and VAK Oy



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