AGL Success with Germany to Dubai Project – Heavy Lift News
29 Oct 2019

AGL Success with Germany to Dubai Project

In cooperation with Airbridge, Alexander Global Logistics Bremen just finished the transport of 3 boxes from Frankfurt (FRA), Germany to Dubai (DWC) on behalf of JBC in Hamburg (offshoot of Logistics Plus):


2 Boxes:

. Dimensions: 1230 x 200 x 140cm
. Weight: each 7170 kg

1 Box:
. Dimensions: 1230 x 1150 x 140cm
. Weight: 3963 kg

The cargo consisted of longitudinally S.A.W. steel pipes. At the airport, the cargo was prepared for loading into a B747-446F by nose load. AGL arranged high loaders that lifted the cargo till it was in position. The cargo was then placed on 12 Maindeck positions in one uplift.

The operations have been performed smoothly and all went as planned.

Source AGL


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