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9 Apr 2020

Aertssen Group Consolidating and Donating

The Aertssen Group based in Stabroek, Belgium, have grouped together their Roll-it, SPMT activities, and the lifting activities from Aertssen Kranen under the Aertssen name as from 1st April. The two divisions have been working together in practice for 10 years already and now, logically, will work under the same name. With the knowledge in the field of engineering and years of experience, they will now be able to further focus their services on turnkey projects, helping their customers from A to Z with their professional issues.

In another move the group have used their business connections in the Far East to donate 2,500 face masks to local healthcare providers, nursing homes and carers in Stabroek, Kieldrecht and the neighboring municipality of Kapellen.

The masks, from a  Chinese partner company of Aertssen Logistics, have been passed on to the local nursing staff in nursing homes and hospitals who desperately need these masks. “We want to help the residents and care providers of the rest homes in these difficult times.” according to the Aertssen family.

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