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8 Aug 2018

Aeolus starts work at Norther

Aeolus loads transition Pieces and foundations at the SIF Terminal, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam – Photograph: Van Oord

Date 7 August 2018

The new 1,600t Huisman crane installed on board the Van Oord WTIV Aeolus is hard at work installing foundations and transition pieces in the Norther Offshore Wind Farm in the Belgian sector of the North Sea.

Occupying an area of 44 sqare km situated 23km off the Belgian coast close to the sector border with the Netherlands, the wind farm will be the largest in the Belgian sector producing a total of 370MW  from the 44 MHI Vestas 8MW turbines. Offshore wind is projected to produce 10% of the Belgian generated electricity by 2025. Norther will generate 1,394GWh each year which is equal to the power comsumed by almost 400,000 Belgian homes

Aeolus will place 45 foundation sets for the wind turbines and one for the transformer substation. The monopile foundations and TPs were made at the SIF yard on Maasvlakte 2. The monopiles are 80m long, they have a diameter of 8m and weigh 1,000t

Source Van OordNorther and others 

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