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16 Sep 2021

ABB Links with Liebherr on All-Electric Trolly Truck Technology in Mines

Liebherr, one of the world’s largest construction and mining equipment manufacturers, and ABB a leader in electrification and automation technologies, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop solutions for mine electrification which will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with heavy machinery in mining.

Liebherr Mining and ABB, two leading technology companies, have announced their collaboration to explore the development of state-of-the-art technology and equipment for overall electrification of mine sites, with a particular focus on trolley support. As a result of the project, both companies will be equipped to support mine operators that have a goal to significantly increase electrification of their operations. The collaborative efforts from Liebherr and ABB will improve both company’s understanding and awareness of potential electrification combinations for the mining industry, and drive future research and development opportunities.


Liebherr offers a Trolley Assist System for its haul truck range.


Liebherr has existing electric mining equipment solutions and has supplied electrified haul trucks and mining excavators in multiple countries. For most Liebherr haul trucks, the company offers a trolley solution, including switch back capable trolley technology for the T 236. This technology was recently awarded the most innovative haulage technology in surface mining by Mining Magazine in the category “Load/Haul”. For their excavator range, Liebherr offers electrically powered solutions for all size classes, adaptable to different tensions and frequencies. Liebherr is engaging with multiple major mining companies for decarbonisation analysis, as part of their approach to zero emission mining. ABB will be a strong support for these discussions linked to mine electrification.

“The ABB team is covering a very large footprint in the surface mining industry with a strong reputation in the supply of electrical infrastructure solutions,” said Peter Hoeher, Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Managing Director. “Trolley applications will be the key technology to reduce the overall GHG emissions from surface mining operations in the fastest way possible whilst maintaining all the benefits of haul trucks in terms of performance, cost, and operational flexibility. We also consider trolley as a key technology for fully electrified haul truck solutions.”

ABB has already collaborated with mining operators from initial feasibility studies, through concept development and full deployment. Its electrification solutions, including trolley assist, are already active in mines in Sweden and in late 2021 in Canada.

Source Liebherr

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