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22 Apr 2021

90t Pile Driver Transport on Faymonville’s VarioMAX Plus Lowbed – Video

The transport of a 90t pile driver from Brugge to the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke-Heist may be only a 20km journey but the route requires precise examination beforehand.

“We examined the entire route precisely beforehand,” says Serge Martlé, Managing Director of the transport company Martlé Exceptional Moving & Lifting, explaining that a great many details had to be considered in the planning. “In Knokke we had to remove signs and lay drive-over plates. A parking prohibition was issued, and fortunately it was well respected.” The combination of an 8×4 tractor unit and 3+5 lowbed of the type Faymonville VarioMAX Plus had departed a short while before from the industrial area in Bruges.

Martlé plays its joker! A 1-axle bogie is integrated when configuring the lowbed trailer. “This flexible adaptation of the vehicle to the axle load distribution and centre of gravity of the load is a genuine advantage with the VarioMAX Plus,” says Serge Martlé. He is convinced that he is well-equipped for the future with this vehicle solution from Faymonville. “The machines that we transport are becoming heavier and heavier. At the same time, the requirements for special permits and route selection are becoming increasingly strict. The VarioMAX Plus keeps step with this development.”

The law governing heavy and special transport in Belgium is under review. Thanks to his two VarioMAX Plus combinations, Serge Martlé is relaxed with regard to the discussions. “We are prepared for any new regulations with these Faymonville lowbeds. The maximum permissible axle load is already restricted on some bridges. We expect that, in future, it will no longer be allowed to drive with 13 tonnes per axle in Belgium. We think 12 tonnes will be the new maximum permissible axle load.”

Meanwhile the Martlé crew in Knokke breathes a satisfied sigh of relief. The Liebherr type LRB355 drilling machine is rolling on its crawler tracks to the place of use. While that is going on, the employees couple the front bogie of the VarioMAX Plus to the low bed semi-trailer again. Serge Martlé and his team clear the area. After all, they didn’t come to Knokke this morning for a holiday!

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Source Faymonville

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