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8 Aug 2018

VIDEO: 800-year-old bathhouse moved in Turkey

Relocation of a historic bathhouse started early Monday in southeastern Turkey’s Batman province.

Date 08 August 2018

The 800-year-old Artuklu Hamam is being transported from the ancient city of Hasankeyf — which will be flooded due to construction of the Il?su dam nearby — to the new Hasankeyf Culture Park above the water line.

The 1,500-ton building will travel 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) on a 256-wheeled Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT).

Authorities are working to save all the important historic sites of Hasankeyf gradually by moving them to the park before the construction of the dam is completed.

According to Batman Governor Ahmet Deniz, six more monuments will be moved.

The next scheduled relocation projects are a mosque and a zawiya — an ancient Islamic religious school.

The relocation of the bathhouse cost around TL 37 million ($7.1 million), media outlets reported.

Source, video: DailySabah

Photograph: AA Photo

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