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16 May 2023

7m Albatros Installed by MAXIKraft’s Maximum Cranes – Video

Eisenach is richer by a tremendous feat! A 7m albatross has now landed on the roof of the Landestheater in Eisenach  – with the help of its colleagues from Maximum Eisenach, part of the MAXIKraft Group. The steel seabird was created by the young artist Pascale Feitner from Münster.

Contracted by the city of Eisenach, the Maximum team rolled into the city on Tuesday last week with their Liebherr LTM1060-3.1 to set up an elaborate substructure in the attic of the theatre. For this purpose, a small roof area of the historic building from 1879 was opened. Subsequently, the 60t crane lifted the substructure in individual parts to its place in the attic, where the massive structure was assembled.

Metal workers, roofers and crane operators worked hand in hand. Not attaching the albatross directly to the beams of the theatre was a requirement of monument protection. All static calculations as well as constructional necessities, including secure lightning protection, are of course available and are observed in order not to endanger the listed building.

Two days later, the Maximum colleagues came back with a 70t crane and first laid out support plates so as not to damage the valuable pavement of the Theaterplatz. At the same time, the Albatross was delivered in individual parts and assembled on the ground.

The Liebherr LTM1070-4.2 with a radius of 23m and a hook height of 26m gently helped the bird, over the nearby protruding edge, to the substructure. The albatross is planned to officially “land” on Wednesday, May 17 at 15.30 on the roof of the Landestheater Eisenach, where it will stay for at least a year.

The Albatross was created as part of the art project “Translating” of the Kunstakademie Münster as part of the great anniversary “500 Years of Bible Translation”.

Pascale Feitner presented her idea and implemented it within two years. The costs of around €70,000 were borne by the federal government and the state of Thuringia. For the young artist, the bird made of steel tubes stands as a symbol of freedom of thought, the power of an idea and the desire for boundlessness – of course Maximum was happy to help!



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