6099t of Metro Rails Transported by Express Global Logistics – Heavy Lift News
18 Oct 2021

6099t of Metro Rails Transported by Express Global Logistics


Mumbai based Express Global Logistics (EXG), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, successfully transported 1875 bundles of rails with 18 m in length, weighing 6099 tons on trailers that were 70 feet long. The cargo was transported from Kattupalli Port in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Bengaluru, Karnataka for the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited.

The movement was critical because the requirements listed by the RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization – Indian Railways) were to be implemented during the operation. The engineering team coordinated to create a thorough plan to organise and prepare an in depth inspection at the site before the unloading of the cargo took place in order to allow for a smooth execution of the project.

The EXG team followed all safety and handling compliances. In order to ensure highest safety standards, the lifting beams and rail clamps had to be fabricated well in advance to allow safe handling of the cargo and avoid any damage. To mitigate the traffic delays and constraints of moving the cargo during the day in Chennai, the EXG team sought permissions to coordinate the entire movement during the night.

EXG was committed carry out the transport of these rails in time to keep to the time frame planned by their clients.

Source Express Global Logistics and WWPC



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