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13 Mar 2023

6 Konecranes Automated RTG Cranes ordered by PSA Sines

PSA Sines, the Portuguese subsidiary of PSA International, will be venturing into Automated Rubber-Tired Gantry (aRTG) systems for the first time with the purchase of six electric-powered aRTGs from Konecranes. The cranes will be delivered in Q1 2024.

The fully automated cranes will improve efficiency, performance predictability and safety at PSA Sines as well as support the terminal’s expansion plans. When its new phase is completed, the terminal will almost double its annual handling capacity from 2.3 to 4.1 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units).

The new aRTGs will have the capability to stack up to five containers, instead of only three with straddle carriers. Truck handling and exceptions will be managed via a Remote Operating Station (ROS) for increased safety, by minimizing man-machine interaction.

“This equipment is PSA Sines’ first venture into automated yard equipment. We need a supplier with the experience, service support and know-how in automating the truck lanes and yard stacking operations. It is also essential that the supplier can integrate their equipment with our in-house Equipment Control System. Konecranes is able to give us the confidence in their ability to meet our needs,” says Balachandran Krishnamurthi, Director (Projects) at PSA Sines.

“Our collaboration with PSA Sines is an excellent example of Konecranes’ path to port automation, where container terminals improve productivity and safety in manageable steps. From smart features to full automation, the path can include supervised operations, to remote operations, to smoothly introduce the power of automation,” says Jussi Sarpio, Director, Automated Yard Cranes, Port Solutions, Konecranes.

The new state-of-the-art equipment will reinforce PSA Sines’ position as one of the main ports of the Iberia Peninsula and contribute towards the company’s sustainable goals by reducing its carbon footprint.



Source Konecranes

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