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12 Mar 2020

56 Cometto Axel Lines adds 3400t to the Nippon Express Add payload

Cometto and the Japanese company Nippon Express Co., Ltd share a trustful and powerful relationship. The well-known industry leader from Tokyo relies on its large fleet of Cometto modular self-propelled trailers for heavy haul tasks. With the latest shipment included, they now own an impressive fleet of 300 axle lines.

Nippon Express is a real industry giant with its 32,000 employees and over 711 locations worldwide. The shipment of 56 Cometto MSPE axle lines was the final lot of their recent order of self-propelled vehicles. This offers Nippon a new payload capacity of more than 3400 t. Over the past years, Nippon has acquired a fleet of 300 Cometto self-propelled axles, of which 130 lines are MSPE axles ranging from 40t to 70t in capacity.

The latest delivery includes 8 MSPE 40t axle lines and 48 axle lines type MSPE EVO3 70t. The MSPE EVO3 70t offers the best available axle load capacity on the market and excels with its versatile configuration. A wide set of accessories enables the customer to meet any specific cargo requirements. The order also included five Power Pack Units, four of which had an output of 335 kW each and another of 110 kW.

These electronically steered self-propelled vehicles offer maximum manoeuvrability. The patented dual-link suspension allows the greatest lift capacity while the air filled tires help to protect the ground.

Nippon Express was established in 1937 in line with the Nippon Tsu-un Kaisha Law as a semi-governmental transportation enterprise. Their aim is to connect the world through transportation. They provide one-stop business solutions by integrating different modes of transport throughout the world. There are often many solutions, but only one way is the right way, a good reason for why Nippon Express relies on Cometto’s MSPE for the most special heavy haulage tasks.

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