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2 Oct 2020

5 Cargoes from Spain, Italy and Greece delivered to US Ports by Jumbo Vision – Video

Loaded with multiple cargoes for multiple clients from multiple ports in Spain, Italy and Greece, Jumbo Vision recently arrived in the USA with loads bound for Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

While this is ‘just another day’ for Jumbo’s logistics team, this voyage shows the company’s planning expertise and global shipping coverage for multiple cargoes including a large shipment of yachts, a very delicate cargo.

There were five separate and diverse cargoes onboard  the 110m Jumbo Vision, one of Jumbo’s H-800 class vessels.

  • The first load consisted of three 173-tonne transformer
  • the second load was a 368-tonne urea reactor
  • the third load was an 87-tonne high temperature shifter and a 23-tonne methanator
  • the fourth and fifth loads consisted of no less than nine yachts, a contract from WeShipYachts.
  • and an extra cargo a 230-tonne mobile crane, loaded in Spain for another Spanish port

The cargoes, from several clients in Spain, Italy and Greece, were loaded into either the 11,000m3 hold or on to the 1,500m2 of free deck space.

“Of course we are well-known for our super heavy lift and offshore installation projects, but we also have smaller, versatile H-class ships, each with two 400-tonne cranes and operating on the worldwide spot tramp market. With these vessels, we can be extremely competitive,” says Jumbo’s Regional Commercial Manager Martin Breucha.

An interesting detail was that, in between loading the cargoes destined for the USA, Jumbo Vision also picked up an inter-Europe load, taking a 230-tonne mobile crane from Malaga along the coast to Motril, Spain.


Source Jumbo


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